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"I’ve always highly resonated with Nina Simone’s reflection that “an artist's duty is to reflect the times.” As an artist, I aim to tell stories: stories of those who are marginalized, stories that offer complex dialogue about the complexities of human existence, stories that make an effort to equalize the level of understanding in a polarizing society. I remain curious about the body’s ever growing capability to serve as a container for our life’s personal history and how we can research and use that to create a means of expression."


Year of Production: May 2022 Premier

McKoy Dance Project "New Visions"

Mark Morris Dance Center.

reborn is being created in collaboration with the dancers of McKoy Dance Project and is a reflection of Warner's curiosities around the complexities of relationships, and especially the moment when two individuals find possibility within another. 

Deliver Us

Year of Production: 2021

Battery Dance Festival.

Running Time: 7.5 Minutes

A reflection of a man's relationship with his faith as he navigates turmoil at the promise of protection. 

Sound: Ave Maria as performed by Kassia. 

White Hot ROom

Year of production: 2019

Running Time: 11 Min

A solo study in trauma and cycles. Premiered at Inbox@Artbox (Minneapolis, MN).

Sound: Eluvium 

Film: Tamara Ober

For The Goodness of Men

Year of production: 2020 (December Premier)

Running Time: 12 Min

Research with the Virginia Repertoire Company of James Madison University on our relationship with one another as humans in times of conflict and war. 


reborn, McKoy Dance Project; New York, NY. 2022.

Deliver Us, Battery Dance Festival; New York, NY. 2021. Originally set at Point Park University, 2015. 

For The Goodness Of Men, James Madison University; Harrisonburg, VA. Dec. 2020 Premier.

They Scream In Silence As The Horizon Leans Forward, TX State University; Virtual, Nov 2020

Unhinged Realities, TU Dance; Saint Paul, MN. 2020

White Hot Room, Inbox@Artbox; Minneapolis, MN.* 2019

Follow The Yellow Brick Road, RAW Artists Festival; Minneapolis, MN.* 2018

Simon Says, BAK Middle School; West Palm Beach, Florida. 2018

Ragtime, Kinder HSPVA; Houston, TX. 2017

Trade, Point Park University; Pittsburgh, PA. 2016

Abide With Me, Point Park University; Pittsburgh, PA. 2016

Deliver Us, Point Park University; Pittsburgh, PA. * 2015

Photo: Tony Moux

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